Santa Ana Paternity Lawyer

What is paternity?

The definition of ‘paternity’ is the state of being a biological father; someone who has provided genetic material in the act of conception. The process of legally establishing paternity is one in which one or more parties set out to determine the legal father of a child. In the case of married parents, legal paternity rarely needs to be established. In the case of unmarried parents, establishing paternity requires court action and judgment.

The process of establishing paternity may be initiated by a mother, father, a representative of the child, or the resident county’s Department of Child Support Services.

Paternity must be determined before the court can order custody, visitation, child support, a legal name change, or restraining orders. If paternity is admitted or proven, the court will enter a judgment of paternity. If no paternity is admitted or if either party is unsure of paternity, the court may order all parties involved to undergo genetic testing.

Admitting paternity is making a commitment to help support the child and this type of decision should not be taken lightly. If you would like to admit paternity or disprove claims of paternity, you need to speak with the Santa Family Law attorney at the Gonzalez Law Firm.

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